Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today we went to two performances. In the afternoon the Paul Winter Consort performing the 29th Winter Solstice Concert and St. John the Divine. The church was newly reopened following damage from a 2001 fire. Since we were only vaguely aware of who Paul Winter was we were surprised to find a huge sellout crowd. Someone sold us tickets at half price. It was an extravaganza--a new age celebration in a reproduction of an ancient Christian church. [Judy noticed that the church had several styles, from various centuries.] In the evening we went to see Pina Bausch' dance company at BAM. I found the ways that the men and women danced together beautifully expressive of the complex feelings 21st century people have towards the relationships between men and women. Later we went to Franny's, a "fresh food" restaurant with Gabriel, Anna, Peter and Gloria. We got home after 1am for the first time in decades.

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