Saturday, February 7, 2009

San Miguel Saturday

Cheryl went Zumba [Latin dance and aerobics] dancing in the morning while we sat around and watched the gardener work. When she came home we all went to a large indoor market, then to a little square with a church and then to the Instituto, where there was an art fair. Ed bought a photo. Everywhere we went we saw bugs, Ed kept falling behind because he couldn't stop taking picutures of them. We had pizza at a local Italian restaurant. We went to a chamber concert at a nearby church. Full house and a world premier of a work by Samuel Zyman, who came all the way from his home at 89th and Broadway for the event. Then we took a cab back to the Fabrica la Aurora where there was a champagne and chocolate party with salsa music. Judy and Ed got lost but found each other.

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